Athlete Code of Conduct


As a club member, you are now an ambassador not only for your club but your school, region, country and the sport of ‘fencing’.  This means you will be held to the highest standard of behavior when attending any fencing events including trainings, competitions and related events.  We know that you will do your best to represent the NHFC in the most positive way and contribute to your team every time you fence.  Please review this Athlete Code of Conduct, outlining our expectations in regards to behavior, uniform and sportsmanship.


  1. All NHFC athletes will be expected to respect the coaches’ judgments and instructions.  You are expected to cooperate with teammates and other participants.  
  2. The following behavior will not be tolerated:
    1. The use of inappropriate language towards another athlete, coach, parent
      or spectator
    2. Lack or cooperation or willingness to participate positively in class sessions
    3. Bullying of any kind (physical violence or threatening behaviour)
    4. Poor sportsmanship or negative comments towards other competitors or teams.
    5. Please note: This policy also applies to all internet and or social media sites. 

2. No athlete/participant is to attempt or is permitted to teach any form of
fencing skills without receiving proper training, safety instructions and express permission from a head coach (this includes parents). 

3. No athlete/participant is to use electronic fencing equipment unless authorised by your coach. 

4. Missing team events for major illness or bereavement is acceptable. Please notify your coach ASAP should this occur. 

5. Should an athlete need to miss training for any reason, please notify the coach as early as possible in advance.  For significant calendar events, please notify your coach 2 weeks in advance.

6. Private lessons need to be cancelled 24 hours prior, giving another athlete the opportunity to take the opening.  (Frequent unannounced absence may lead to an athlete losing the opportunity to receive private lessons).

7. Our attendance policy is in place to ensure the progress of all fencers towards the attainment of their goals.  We understand that family time is important and we encourage fencers to have interests outside of fencing. We do however expect that athletes attend the trainings committed to.  

7.1 If an athlete is injured (depending upon severity – please discuss this with your coach) we still require them to attend, however; they may have a different training program for the time being.

8. Any athlete wishing to enter into a Competition or Training Camp outside of New Zealand must seek approval from Head Coach and where appropriate, the Secretary of FeNZ before entering.  In many cases nomination to FeNZ is required.

8.1 In the sport of fencing there are agreements and protocols between countries’ associations.  We may not be aware of this and may be transgressing an understanding between the fencing bodies of participating countries.  To avoid any misunderstanding, it is better to discuss participation with your Head Coach and jointly contact the secretary (FeNZ) for further advice.

9 Your Head Coach is your first point of contact when looking to enter any competition.  Remember, your Coach is your most knowledgeable supporter, with only your best interest at heart.  Certain competitions may be more appropriate that others to attend, your coach will advise accordingly. 

10. Training programs - Training camps.  Coaches are pleased to learn that athletes are prepared to invest more time training and improving their skills.  The coaches role is to assist and support you in achieving your fencing goals.  Given New Zealand’s geographical isolation, there will be opportunities to travel to camps/programmes in Australia, Asia, the US or Europe.  These countries often receive significant financial support from their governing bodies, enabling them to provide great fencing masters and facilitate longer camps with more fencers.  Please ensure you consult with your Head Coach, prior to enrolling in any fencing training camp or programme.

11.  Fencing Shoes or appropriate sports shoes must be worn in the gym at all times ---no bare feet, socked feet, or slippers.

12. Hair must be tidy (long hair tied back), Long pants (no shorts) are required at all times while fencing.

13. All athletes/participants must remove all jewelry before training begins. This is for your safety and the safety of those around you. 

14. NOMobile phones during trainings.  Please place your phone in the assigned ‘Mobile phone box or leave your device in your fencing bag during training.

15. All athletes/participants MUST sign-in with your coach for each class. This is an NHFC regulation so that we know who we have in the class at any given time should an unexpected event occur. 

16. Timeliness - Athletes should arrive 15 minutes in advance of their scheduled class time.  This you time to prepare and allows the training to commence on time.


Spectator/Supporter Code of Conduct


Thank you for choosing NHFC and JFFS.  For Parents/Caregivers, we are aware of the commitment fencing can be and appreciate the support you provide for both your athlete, our staff and other club members as we work towards achieving their goals.  Our door is always open should you wish to discuss any aspect of your athlete’s progress and development.  We are best reached via e-mail or would be pleased to arrange a time to meet before or after training time.  You and your family are always welcome into our training facility.  While fencing is an individual sport, we are all part of the same club.  No athlete has ever made it to the pinnacle of their respective sport alone.  The NHFC welcomes and encourages families, supporters and spectators to attend competitions and events.

Please keep the following spectator code of conduct in mind when attending any practices, events or competitions. 


‘Esprit de Corps’

A feeling of pride and mutual loyalty shared by the members of our Team.


You are welcome to watch practices however; we ask that you adhere to the following rules and guidelines: 

  1. Please remain in the designated viewing area at all times.  Only fencers, coaches and appropriate officials are allowed in the gym or on piste areas.
  2. When younger children come along, please ensure that they are supervised and remain within the spectator area.  This is a safety issue. 
  3. Please refrain from communicating with fencers or coaches from the spectator area.  Encouraging fencers is welcomed, however DON’ BE A SIDE LINE COACH. 
  4. Respect the gym environment by leaving any viewing areas in a tidy state including picking up all rubbish and any belongings. 


  1. NHFC and JFF Schoolencourages good sportsmanship.  Fencing is both an           INDIVIDUAL andTEAM sport.  Remember that all coaching decisions are made in the best interests of the athlete and the team. 
  1. We have ZERO TOLERANCE to spectators making negative or derogatory comments about fencers, parents, coaches, or any NHFC committee member. This includes over all social networking sites. 
  2. Please ensure you are a role model for good sportsmanship by encouraging and supporting all fencers, teams and coaches.



  1. For our younger members, it is parent’s responsibility to stay informed. Check your email and website (Facebook page) regularly. If you aren’t receiving emails, please contact the secretary of NHFC. 
  1. NHFC and JFFS values your constructive feedback, (both positive and negative).  We ask that you refer any issues, queries or questions directly to NHFC using the correct procedures. 
    1. For issues pertaining to fencer development, training, results or competition, please speak to your coach after class, or email.
    2. For issues regarding the organisation or club, please refer to the President of the NHFC.



  1. NHFC and JFFS Fencers and Fencing North recognise you may participate in social media in your own personal time. If, however, during your participation in a social media activity, you reference your association with NHFC an JFFS, Fencing North or any other related entity or make comments or include content about NHFC or JFFS, Fencing North, associated entities, affiliated person or any of their affairs, you are required to adhere to the following: 
    1. Do not post content that may damage the reputation or interests of NHFC , JFFS, Fencing North or an affiliated person, whether intentionally or unintentionally.
    2. Please be polite- avoid hostile communications or credibility attacks. Keep all comments respectful and informative. 
    3. Do not attribute any content or comments you may post to NHFC, JFFS, or any affiliated person nor represent any content or comments as being endorsed by same. 
    4. Do not post content or images that harass, are inappropriate, adverse, offensive, discriminatory, intimidating or are otherwise demeaning, defamatory or disparaging about any person or organisation. For the avoidance of doubt this includes videos, comments or images regarding falls, “fails”, accidents, physical injury and negative posts regarding competition results or outcomes. 
    5. Only post accurate and truthful content. You must correct any errors or remove any offending/inaccurate posts immediately if requested to do so. 
    6. Do not violate a person’s privacy. Do not post any one’s personal information or their image without obtaining their prior consent. 
    7. Do not use the intellectual property of NHFC JFFS, or any affiliated entity including any trade marks, logos, slogans, patents, designs, copyright materials or ideas in any content or otherwise online. 
    8. Do not start any page, group or forum of any kind for athletes or parents of NHFC, JFFS without written permission.