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LOCATION: KRISTIN SCHOOL ALBANY ( 360 Albany Highway Gate 1 Roy Munn Gymnasium)

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Introduction to Fencing

The Beginner Program is provided for students of any age and physical condition who have never fenced before.  This fencing program introduces participants to the sport of fencing and will give them the basic fundamentals needed to start fencing and develop basic skills. The program covers:

  • Safety rules and sportsmanship

  • Introduction to fencing etiquette

  • Basic eye-hand-foot work - salute, on-guard, advance, retreat, and lunge

  • Basic distance control

  • Basic parry combinations - six, four, eight, and seven

Intermediate  Fencing

The Intermediate program is for fencers who have completed the Beginner Program or fenced before and need to refresh their skills.  Intermediate level program covers:

  • Work on improving hand- and footwork

  • Better distance control

  • Improving technical skills

    • Parry reposts, disengages, beat and bind attacks

  • Introduction to electrical fencing

  • Better understanding of fencing rules

  • Increased drill exercises

  • Better offensive and defensive skills

  • Initial understanding of fencing tactics



Advanced Fencing

The Advanced Program is designed for fencers who have completed the Intermediate Program in our club or a similar type of program in another fencing school.  Typically, a fencer at this level has a good skill set, confidence and has participated in at least one regional competition before joining this level.  The fencers at the Advanced Fencing Level Program improve:

  • Advanced foot and handwork

  • Fencing techniques and skills

  • Physical condition, such as endurance, speed and strength

  • Understanding of fencing tactics and strategies

  • Competence at competitions

  • Analysis of performance at competition








Competitive Fencing

The Competitive Program is designed for advanced fencers who will complete at regional, national or international levels regularly.  Usually students that complete the Advanced Fencing Program at JFFS or similar level program at other clubs can enroll in this program.  The fencers in the Competitive Program work on:

  • Competitive fencing techniques and skills

  • Endurance, speed, agility and strength

  • Advanced fencing strategies and tactics

  • The ability to build a bout per opponent strength and weaknesses

  • Ability to dissect a bout and work on improving non-successful elements

Elite Fencing Program

 The sessionoffers technique and strategy clinics lead by Coach Fliszar. 

Advanced distance drills

Complex drill exercise

Improvement of fencing strategy and tactics

nitial action by opponent - what counter actions are available

encers will be taking notes on strategies and tactics as we progress with the camp day-by-day.  

Video analysis is a vital part of this program





The Best Program

Judit Fliszar Head coach has built an incredible program from beginner to elite athletes over the past 8 years. Judit and our assistant coaches have created a ladder of progression at every level and for every age. We teach the foundation skills needed to move up through the levels needed to be a NZ representative fencer.  We have been associated with many representative fencers over the years, we know how to get the best out of any athlete and we help them to reach their full potential. We plan our programs age specifically to make it enjoyable to all age groups.

Our coaches bring with them many years of experience, coaching and competing at the highest levels in Europe as well as New Zealand.  The JFFS supports the Head Coach’s decisions regarding the fencer’s development.  We have many fencers that are 15 years and younger, destined to become future stars of our sport.  It remains our goal to encourage all of our athletes to enjoy long and successful fencing careers.  We are aware of the stress and pressures felt by our younger fencers to achieve that next skill level and progress up the National Rankings.  However, more time spent at each age group makes our fencers stronger both physically and mentally, resulting in far more rounded, capable athletes.  

Safety First

There is no doubt that fencing has the potential to be dangerous.  We believe that fencing should be conducted in a safe and fun environment.  At the NHFC, we never compromise the safety of our members, athletes and supporters.  Teaching and maintaining safety is the first and most important knowledge in our sport.  JFFS have a zero tolerance policy towards breaches in attitude and behaviour that may compromise safety.

Meet our Coches

A Great Reputation 

The JFFS was one of the only Fencing school with a specific programme to introduce primary age children into the sport.  Those young athletes who began fencing 4-5 years ago at age 7-8 are today fencing for
New Zealand in international level and leading the New Zealand ranking list across several age groups. 

We have all worked incredibly hard to build our reputation not only in Auckland and New Zealand but in Australia as well.  Our values include: professionalism, sportsmanship, and dedication to providing a positive, safe, family atmosphere where all our fencers can thrive and reach their potential. 



Judit Fliszar decided to move to New Zealand in 2009.  Since Fencing always has been her passion and life, she was happy to start coaching former Gulf Harbour Fencing Club at Whangaparaoa Peninsula , with only 6 fencers . Few years later the club decided to move location and change it's name to North Harbour Fencing club where the young fencers improved day by day.   

Judit Established her own School JF FENCING SCHOOL at Kristin school on the North Shore to focus on teaching young children age 6-8 and recruit to JF Fencing School. Soon the club became the most promising club in Auckland. 

JF Fencing School is running fencing programs in the following school:

  • Auckland Boys Grammar,

  • Diocesan School for Girls,

  • St Kentigern College,

  • Macleans College,

  • Epsom Girls Grammar

  • Kristin School

Today Judit has more than 250 students in Auckland under her program.

Judit was born in Hungary in 1977, she was part of the most successful club MTK's Cadet, Junior and Senior team for more than 10 years . Member of the Hungarian squad team representing her country in Junior and Senior World events. 


Judit brings a level of coaching, unique to our sport in New Zealand.  Judit has built an incredible programme from beginner to elite athlete here in New Zealand over the past 10 years.  Graduated as a Physical Education and Recreation,Health and  Sport Science Teacher from ELTE University in Budapest, Hungary. 

She gained her Diploma as a Fencing coach at Semmelweis University (TE) in  Budapest in 1999. 

Judit was a fencing Teacher at Semmelweis University - Physical Education Department.  Her competitive background stands out as Judit has attained the following in over 30 years of competition and coaching:

Bringing this level of skill to New Zealand, JF Fencers are now featured at the top of their respective national rankings.

 Judit lives with her husband and two beautiful children at Whangaparaoa peninsula since they have arrived to New Zealand. 

Her Achievements: 

Cadet team and individual champion for 4 times, silver and bronze Medalist.

Junior Team and individual champion

She was also silver medalist at the World Junior Cup in Bourdeaux for women's foil.

She raised National and International Champions over the past 9 years. 


Eszter Muradin was born in Hungary Fenced in MTK with Judit . She Graduated as an Economist at the University of economy in Budapest.

Eszter Started to coach 6 years ago at JF Fencing School .

She lives in Auckland with her husband and two beautiful boys. She is passionate about healthy lifestyle Yoga and running


Kornel Nagy was born in Hungary , Kornel is in charge of the strength and conditioning program  at JF Fencing School. He graduated with Judit in 1999 atELTE ( Eotvos Lorand Science University as a Physical Education, Recreation and Health Teacher. He was part of the Hungarian elite Cycling Team representing Hungary at the Perth World Championship. He is a great teacher,  surfer and father.

Rory Ogg: Was born In New Zealand. He joined JF Fencing School in 2016 helping on the Saturday morning classes. 


What Do I need for Fencing 


Starter Kit: 

Glove $ 50 

Chest protector for girls and U10 Boys $ 50 

Club T Shirt $ 45

Gear Requirement for training : 

JF Fencing School club T shirt , glove, Chest protector, long pants, sport shoes drink bottle.

Once you join the Advanced team, you need to purchase your own gear ( jacket, plastron, breeches, lame 2 body wires, mask, 2 mask wires , 2 set of foils socks , fencing bag)  

Gear Requirement for National and International competitions.

 For New Zealand and International Requirements please click here



Excellent Fencing program at the following schools by Judit Fliszar 


Auckland Grammar Boys  

Diocesan School For Girls  

St Kentigern College

Macleans College 

Epsom Girls Grammar 

Kristin School




 Ready to take the next step?

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There is no escaping the fact that like any other sporting endeavor, an athlete’s abilities and success are generally attributed to the effort and commitment invested.  

We welcome diversity and acknowledge that every fencer is different.  Whether you have aspirations of an Olympic Gold Medal, or fencing socially, the  JFFS accommodates everyone.  Without a doubt, the focus of the JFFS is to assist fencers/athletes achieve their goals.  As a FeNZ affiliated organisation, we remain a club administering a sport. As such, we encourage excellence and success, with much of our senior coaching focus directed to athletes who are demonstrating commitment to their sport and competition.  An important measure of success for the club is the number of athletes regularly competing and featuring in the New Zealand rankings and representative teams.  We are very proud of our fencers and of their dedication.  It has lead to both national and International successes. 

Individual Sport

Fencing is a fantastic sport for developing confidence and decision making.  On the piste, facing an opponent, athletes need to make split-second decisions and execute those decisions.  In those moments, there is no one there to advise at that moment.  Fencers in training learn how to strategise, make tactical decisions and adjust their plan accordingly.

Team Competitions 

Fencing in a team event is some of the most exciting competition an athlete will take part in.  Each fencer will fence multiple times in a bout, with team members, club mates and supports cheering on.  The JFFS offers opportunity to represent the club, through to New Zealand Teams.  

Being selected for a team is based upon current form, rather than reputation.  A position on a team is determined by the individual athlete’s ranking, within that respective event’s individual competition.  Other than injury or an athletes’ unavailability, no other criteria is taken into account (including national rankings).




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Welcome to JF Fencing School

Thank you for choosing  JF Fencing school.  We are excited to work with you to achieve your goals in the dynamic sport of fencing.  This paragraph  will assist you in your understanding of the sport and the level of commitment required, regarding both the sport and the club.

JF Fencing School  - Background



The NHFC (formally the Gulf Harbour Fencing Club) was formed in 2006.  The club is affiliated to both Fencing New Zealand (FeNZ) and Regionally, Fencing North.  NHFC is a club whereby fencers are invite to belong, develop, train and compete at both club, regional, national and international levels.  The NHFC has members who enjoy their fencing socially and to keep fit, through to New Zealand representatives, competing on the international stage. In 2017 the club management has decided to desolve the club.  As of 2018, JF Fencing school  will continue the work with the fencers.  


The JF Fencing school is New Zealand's fastest growing  development  fencing club, committed to bringing this dynamic sport within reach of all Aucklanders who are interested in this sport.  At  JFFencing School, an athlete will learn the disciplines and skills required to their level. There are many opportunities to participate, from beginner to advanced, from the age of 6 years to adult. The only club in Auckland planning age specific program to Junior school fencers, understanding the cognitive and motor development at each age group. 

JFFS was established by our Head Coach, Judit Fliszar in 2011. Many senior members of JF Fencing School continue to attend Saturday morning training, advancing their skills, assisting to organise, learning umpiring and basic coaching.